Four Things – short stories

This week's writing group assignment was to write about any of the following things.  Using similes and metaphors, write as a story using 50 words each.


50 Words

My writing group assignment was to write about six positive turning points in life in 50 words or less for each event.  <50 words is hard to tell a story!

Jim’s Garden – a fictional story

Jim was working in his garden on this hot summer morning in the upper Midwest, taking care of his vegetables and proud of his hard work. He enjoys seeing the fruits of his labor produce big tomatoes and peppers that he'll use to make salsa, heirloom squash he can enjoy all winter, zucchini he'll get his fill of and share with his neighbors...

Bachelor’s Jam or Rumtopf or Knock Me on my Ass

In 2016 I took a class on how to ferment foods. It was super interesting. I love experimenting and since I have a huge garden, fermenting is perfect. One of the things we learned was how to make Bachelor's Jam, or Rumtopf in German. Super easy! ...

Girlfriend Getaway to LA

In late November my friend Corrine and I went on a quick girlfriend getaway to LA. Neither of us had been before and I had a companion ticket I needed to use up so this was a great time to go...