Nesting for Fall

I love Fall! This colorful, cool time of year brings out the Martha Stewart in me.


Spiral Leg Warmers

Snow gets deep here in the upper midwest. Sometimes higher than my boots. And sometimes I just want to wear shoes without snow getting inside. ...and sometimes I just want to bring back the leg warmer because I LOVE the 80's! Read more...

Amy’s Messy Bun Knit Hat – the thing that kicked off my Blog

You’ve probably been seeing these messy bun hats, beanies, or ponytail hats all over Pinterest and Etsy… I thought this was such a great concept since I live in the frigid upper Midwest and have to shove my messy bun up into my hat and ruin the “perfect” messiness that is the bun. This hat or beanie or whatever you want to call it, can just let it stick out the top!