Nesting for Fall

I love Fall! This colorful, cool time of year brings out the Martha Stewart in me.


Bachelor’s Jam or Rumtopf or Knock Me on my Ass

In 2016 I took a class on how to ferment foods. It was super interesting. I love experimenting and since I have a huge garden, fermenting is perfect. One of the things we learned was how to make Bachelor's Jam, or Rumtopf in German. Super easy! ...

Here’s what to do with your Leftover Christmas Ham->Bean Soup

Have some leftover Christmas ham and sick of eating ham sandwiches? Try this amazing Ham Bean Soup! I’m telling you, if ham bean soup is on the menu at a restaurant or my favorite cafe, it’s the last thing I would order…BORING! But not this recipe! This is not a boring “manly” soup. It’s homemade! Homemade stock, homemade everything and it’s delish! And easy! And healthy!