The Worst Job I’ve ever Had

With Labor Day in the US coming up soon, our amazing writing instructor, Carolyn Wedin, encouraged us to write about the worst job we’ve ever had.

Does this topic bring up any stories for your worst job? Post it in the comments below!

The Worst Job I’ve ever Had

This job I had as an adult, not so long ago. Not dirty, not back-breaking, but soul-sucking.

I had recently moved and wanted to explore something different from what I had done most of my career so I got a sales job working in a small town manufacturing company.  They knew I didn’t have a background in sales but still they worked hard to recruit me with a couple dinners, awkward flattery, agreed to my salary, promise of management promotions…

First day the VP of Sales curmudgeon that was training me says to me within the first hour “I don’t know why he hires inexperienced people.”  This guy was part of the schmoozing team who recruited me. That should have been my indication of the rest of my nine or so months there.  Twenty-some tall 1950’s-era file cabinets that store all of their “top-secret” info and data that would typically be stored in an online database, should have been another clue.  Oh, and that the building was a pole shed, should have tipped me off even before the interview.

A lady who was hired three months before me, fired three months after I started, should have been another sign of this toxic environment.  I guess I didn’t realize that cold-calling took a lot of my courage and energy to pick up the phone to try to convince someone to buy what I didn’t know anything about what I was selling because I was too afraid to ask Mr. Curmudgeon a question in fear of being ridiculed.  And then there was the time at a trade show getting red-faced screamed at from the owner and the silent treatment that followed for being cordial with a competitor, and maybe for not forcefully selling anything.

Returning from vacation and the owner saying to me “now you should be invigorated to sell”.  This Mad Men-esque experience was all building up to a SLOW DEATH but I just couldn’t make the leap to leave, until that glorious day…  I was called into a room and told “we’re just not seeing results.” And I couldn’t keep the smile off my face.


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