A Year in the Library

You’ve probably all been wondering where I’ve been? Or not… Anyway, a few people have asked and coincidentally I started back up with the writing class I have been a part of on and off.  I’ve also been busy over the last year or so with a new venture in a certification Life/Leadership Coaching program.  More to come on that soon but I have NOT spent the last year in the library.

Since my writing class started back up it inspired me to get back to this and make time to post.  I always enjoyed it and reading or hearing comments from people.

This particular story was a challenge from Carolyn Wedin, our writing instructor, to write about spending a year in a library or museum.  I added my additional challenge to it to write it in 15 minutes timed.  So here’s what I came up with in 15 minutes.  Oh, and Carolyn asked if she can submit it to the local paper! Yay!

A Year in the Library

There was a contest in my village to live in the library for a year – an entire year!  Since I’m a book worm with no family around, this sounds like the perfect way for me to spend a year! Surprisingly, I was the only person who submitted for the contest so I won! I had a few months notice so I let my landlord know I’d be moving out and put my few belongings into storage.

The day came to move into the library. There was a room in the library that had a bunk, a shower, toilet, sink, and kitchenette as well as an easy chair and lamp.  It reminded me of home!  They tell me this room was there from when the head librarians used to take up residency in the library. Nowadays they don’t do that.

The first night I stepped into the library, which was all mine like walking into a candy store with nobody else to compete with for your favorite fireballs, I was a bit overwhelmed where to start.  I thought long and hard about it and found a book on speed reading. I could read pretty quickly but if I wanted to see how much of this library I could read through in the next year, I needed to kick it in to high gear.  The speed reading book I found gave me some great tips.

After taking the night to learn to speed read, I decided to start with kids books to test my speed reading skills.  I started reading at the A’s and things were going well, I was zipping right through the books.  Then I noticed myself slowing down getting sucked into the stories.  Since nobody was around, I would occasionally act out the stories with the toys and stuffed animals in the children’s area. They became my little family. Thinking about it, this was the happiest I’ve ever been. These stories I was reading came to life.

During the days when the librarians and patrons were there, I felt like a celebrity. Since I was in the local paper, people took it upon themselves to bring in food for me. There was an abundance of food. So much so that I didn’t need to be picky with the stuff I didn’t like. I just set it outside the door at night for my alley cat and dog friends.  My favorite were the hot dishes and various kinds of bars, just not with fruit.

After the year was over, I was interviewed for the paper. They asked if I read the entire library. I told them the plan I set out for by learning to speed read that first night but I never made it out of the children’s books.  I’m ok with that. But I will miss my family and friends and comfort of home.

I’m curious, what are your thoughts on this story? What did it leave you thinking or wanting to know more? How did you feel?

Oh boy, this coaching thing is having an affect on me! 😉


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