Spiral Leg Warmers

Leg Warmers with Sorels

Snow gets deep here in the upper midwest.  Sometimes higher than my boots.  And sometimes I just want to wear shoes without snow getting inside.

…and sometimes I just want to bring back the leg warmer because I LOVE the 80’s!

I’m going to wear these this winter with my boots and with my tennies over my leggings and my skinny jeans.

Here’s an easy pattern I came up with.  These are cool!  Make them for you and as a gift for your bestie!

Spiral Leg Warmers

I used a tweed grey worsted weight wool yarn that was deep in my yarn stash.  No idea if you can still buy it but it’s Berger du Nord Tweed.  I’m a pretty loose knitter and these leg warmers are pretty loose too but they stay up and I can scrunch them.

Needle size: US 8

Cast On (CO) 46 stitches

Knit in the round. Join ends and *Knit (k) 1 Pearl (p) 1; repeat * to end.

Work in k1, p1 rib for 1 1/2″

Then begin spiral pattern: k3, P2 repeat until leg warmer measures 13.25″ long.

Bind Off (BO)

Work the second leg warmer the same as the first.




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