Amy’s Messy Bun Knit Hat – the thing that kicked off my Blog

You’ve probably been seeing these messy bun hats, beanies, or ponytail hats all over Pinterest and Etsy…  I thought this was such a great concept since I live in the frigid upper Midwest and have to shove my messy bun up into my hat and ruin the “perfect” messiness that is the bun.  This hat or beanie or whatever you want to call it, can just let it stick out the top!

Since I only know how to knit, I started searching all over Pinterest for a pattern but could only find crochet patterns.  I did find a few knitting patterns but not cute…in my opinion.

So I thought, “what the hell, I’ll just create my own pattern.”  Since I oftentimes improvise on ANY directions, instructions, recipes, rules… (which is why I always get myself into predicaments or TROUBLE and am therefore not a good employee so it’s a good thing I’m self employed)… sorry for digressing.


I found this delish yarn in Berkley, CA on a recent trip (see a blog post coming soon on this), and knew right away what it will be used for.  After posting my nearly finished hat on Insta and Facebook I had a few people ask for the pattern…it got me thinking “so one of my goals for 2017 was to start a blog based on my interests a-plenty, now would be the perfect opportunity to start it and get some early subscribers”, think’s my marketing mind.  Just the push that I needed to get this blog up and rolling.  I had some recent trips in the last month, some good soups I’ve made, this hat pattern, a trip to Israel coming up, some leg warmers I’ll be knitting, more fun recipes, lots of great content to kick off my blog!

Thank you for reading, hopefully subscribing because I guarantee it will be interesting and maybe even fun, and VERY multi passionate.

Amy’s Messy Bun Knit Hat

One size


1 skein Spun Right Round Squish DK (250 yds super wash merino)

US 6 circular or DPN

gauge: 5.25-6 sts=1” US 5-7


Cast on 78 stitches

Join for working in the round and place marker at beginning

Rows 1-8: K1, P1

*Starting at row 9, K6, P7 (repeat)

Work this pattern until hat measures 6 1/2” from the beginning of *.

Rnd 1: K4, k2tog; repeat to end

Rnd 2: knit in pattern

Rnd 3: K3, k2tog; repeat to end

Rnd 4: knit in pattern

Rnd 5: K2, k2tog; repeat to end

Rnd 6: knit in pattern

Rnd 7: Bind off

Weave in ends.

Put on your head and pull that bun through!IMG_8762.JPG


2 thoughts on “Amy’s Messy Bun Knit Hat – the thing that kicked off my Blog

  1. I like the hat but it looks a little small on you. I have a big head—so 78 stitches in dk weight yarn would never work. Many of the crocheted hats are in thicker yarn–so I would be happy with 78 stitches on a 5.5 mm or US 9 needles that is chucky yarn. Love your blog.


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